The 75th edition of the CrowdStrike 24 Hours of Spa is now in the books. Ezequiel Companc and rookies Gustavsen, Nesov and Salmenautio crossed the finish line of the world's biggest GT race in P5 in class. The Spanish team takes valuable championship points and can also add a further 5 points to its counter thanks to Alexey Nesov's first place in Esports. 

After a qualifying session disrupted by changing conditions and red flags, typical of the Belgian circuit, Madpanda's car took the start of the 24-hour race in 10th position of its class. The drivers' good stints, good pace and the crew’s good pitstops enabled the team to quickly move up to 4th place in Silver. Unfortunately, shortly after nightfall, a technical problem cost them their podium chances. Although the crew did an excellent job of repairing the car as quickly as possible, they still lost 13 laps to the class leader. Despite this, they all remained motivated to cross the finish line and score precious championship points. The three rookies gained great experience at all levels for their first 24-hour race.

The whole Madpanda team and the drivers will remember the crazy week they've just had, from the Parade, where they met up with their incredible fans, to the practice sessions actions, and the race itself. They cannot wait to be back next year to this legendary race. After a few days' well-deserved rest, the Pandas will head to Italy for the second round of the Sprint championship, to be held at Misano, near the Adriatic coast, on July 15 and 16. The next Endurance race will take place at the Nurburgring on the last weekend of July.

Ezequiel Companc, team principal and driver: "Four out of four Spa 24 hours finishes. The drivers & team gave their all throughout the whole week, and we leave with good championship points and an unforgettable first 24h race experience for three of our drivers. Proud of the whole team!"

Alexey Nesov, driver: "This has been a real roller coaster race. Starting from the back, fighting our way back to podium contending positions felt great, and pace was there. But unfortunately, a technical issue which happened during the night dropped us out from contention as we lost 13 laps repairing it. However, I have to say that the crew made an impression job to bring car back on track. On a positive side it was great to win another eSport race this weekend. Anyway, it was a priceless experience to drive a 24-hour race for the first time in my career. Hopefully many more to come!"

Jesse Salmenautio, driver: "It was a highly demanding first 24-hour race. It didn't go as planned as we lost hopes for the podium with the mechanical failure but we crossed the finish line and it is not that easy to arrive until there. I got the full experience: the parade was very special, and it was great to see all the race fans supporting us. Driving at night was also a real challenge, but I loved it. Now focus on Misano!"

Magnus Gustavsen, driver: "Spa 24H is over and I can look back at it as the best racing weekend so far in my racing career. Not due to the result indeed but just to be a part of an event like this. I'm happy with the package we delivered as a team in general. I aimed of course for a top spot like always and that is why it was a bitter sweet feeling crossing the finish line on Sunday. Anyway, I'm proud of all the team, I'm proud that we started from the back and fought our way up the field before the technical breakdown and I'm proud of they managed to get it fixed so we could finish the race!"

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